Preparing Your Bottles

Inspect bottles before shipment

Visual Inspection

Look carefully at each bottle to make sure it is a good representation of your product. Be especially aware of potential problems with your labels. Is the label applied straight? Is the bottle seam visible? If the capsule contains art, is it facing forward?

High resolution images magnify minor defects. Wrinkles or bubbles on the label or foil capsules will show. So will glass bottle seams. Remove unwanted labels to prevent them from showing through on backlit flint bottles. Check the bottle fill level to be sure it is to your liking.

Digital Touch-ups

We routinely perform minor touch-ups to the bottle shots to remove blemishes. But costly digital editing can be avoided with careful bottle selection before shipping.

Packing Your Bottles

Package each bottle so that it arrives without scuffs, tears, wrinkles, smudges or anything else that will not put your bottle in the best light possible.

Dedicated Bottle Studio

Bottle shot orders are accepted year-round to accommodate the bottling schedules and marketing needs of our clients.

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Special Offers

We’d love to show you the quality of our work. And if you’re doing business with us for the first time, we have a special introductory offer for you!

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Bottle Shots for the Wine Industry

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