No sales tax.

How can that be?

Simply accept your files via FTP and avoid sales tax. As long as there is no “physical delivery” of our product to you, sales tax is not applicable to the transaction.

Two delivery options,
what’s the difference?

File Delivery

Digital bottle shots
are delivered via Online
. Simply download the files using your web browser.


A disk containing your  files is shipped to you.

Please note: In addition to a $20 fee (shipping included), sales tax is  added to your entire order when physical delivery is made.

FAQ  - Frequently Asked Questions

We’d be glad to respond to your inquiries, but please see if others have asked your question.

What size files will I get?

Bottle shots are typically provided in two sizes and two file formats. High resolution TIFF files, for print production, are a minimum of 10 in. tall at 300 ppi resolution. Web resolution PNG files are 800 pixels tall at 72 ppi.

What is the background color in the bottle shot?

Transparent. We take the time and effort to completely remove the background from each photo to provide maximum design flexibility for you. All image750 bottle shots can be displayed over any background color or texture. The bottle edges integrate seamlessly into whatever scene they are placed into.

When can I expect my bottle shots?

Typical turn-around is 5-7 working days from the receipt of your shipment. We will eMail you both an order confirmation and another confirmation of your bottle delivery. That way you know when everything is in hand and ready for bottle shot production. If you have pressing needs, please let us know. We’ll do our best to meet your timeline.

Can I see a draft of the images?

Digital proofs are posted for client viewing on the web site. Each bottle shot can inspected to be sure it meets your approval before final images are delivered.

How do I get the images?

Your bottle shots are transmitted electronically via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for you to download. You will be notified via eMail when they are ready. We suggest that you burn the files to disk for your archives once the download is complete. The link to retrieve your files remains active for 14 days after posting.

Can I get my images on disk?

Yes, we can burn the digital images to CD or DVD and ship the disk to you. However, sales tax is applicable to the entire order when “physical delivery” is made. So, in addition to the $20 CD/DVD fee, sales tax must be added to your entire order. That’s why we deliver bottle shots via FTP and recommend that the files be archived to disk for safe-keeping at that time.

We don’t make wine. Will you do other product shots?

Yes, we do general product shots as well. Although image750 specializes in wine bottle shots, we routinely shoot a wide variety of products for our graphic design clients. Different bottle shapes, sizes, and content are usually not a problem. And, we’d be glad to photograph your products.

How do we get our bottles to image750?

Bottle delivery and return is the responsibility of the client. Our San Luis Obispo studio is close to Central California Coast wineries. Local deliveries are accepted by appointment. For both domestic and international orders, we recommend using your standard wine shipping methods.

When do I pay?

Payment is due upon your approval of digital proofs. An electronic invoice will be sent. We accept Visa and MasterCard. PayPal or company check can be used if desired.

We have special needs,
can you help us?

In most cases, the answer is yes! image750 is a division of Graphics by Erick, and for the past 30 years, we’ve been able to fulfill most all special requests for design work and photography. Give us a call and we’ll help you get what you need.

Bottle Shots for the Wine Industry

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