Bottle Shots for the Wine Industry

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As our name implies, image750 creates images of 750 ml bottles. But size doesn't matter. We shoot any size glass – larger or smaller.

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Prepare your bottles for portraits

A few simple steps can ensure that your bottles are looking their best for the camera.

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Let image750 picture your bottles to look their best.

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image750 wine bottle shots are provided as ready-to-use digital art.
Each bottle is meticulously photographed and the resulting files are
delivered with transparent backgrounds for maximum design flexibility.

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Bottle Shot?

In the wine industry, a
photo of the bottle with the sharp representation of its label is referred to as a “bottle shot.” Short of tasting the wine, a bottle shot is the next best sales tool for the winemaker’s product. Bottle shots are typically used in print and online marketing campaigns as well as point-of-purchase displays.