What image750 Provides

Digital bottle shots of your product

High Quality Shots

All image750 bottle shots begin as carefully crafted high-resolution digital photographs that capture all the details in your bottle and label.

Two File Sizes, Two File Formats

In addition to supplying a large high-resolution file that can be commercially printed at actual bottle height, image750 also provides a second file at a smaller size and lower resolution. This smaller file is suited for use on web sites or for online needs such as eMail, blogs and social networking.

TIFF - 10" height (min.), 300 ppi resolution - RGB
PNG - 800 pixel height, 72 ppi resolution - sRGB

Transparent Backgrounds

Both file types provided (TIFF and PNG) retain the transparent background we build into the art. Transparency is required when placing a bottle shot over any other color, texture or surface. And unlike JPEGs, these files are not surrounded by unsightly white rectangles. JPEG files provided upon request.

Electronic File Delivery

Each order is delivered electronically via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). You’ll receive an eMail containing a link so you can simply download the files using your favorite web browser.

Ready to Use Art

Many wineries allow the “trade” to download bottle shot files directly from their websites. These files can easily be used in marketing materials such as wine fact sheets, shelf talkers, and direct mail marketing. Also, you can save your image750 bottle shots in a variety of other sizes or file formats to meet your specific needs.

Prepare your bottles for portraits

A few simple steps can ensure that your bottles are looking their best in front of the lens.

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No Tax

Accept delivery of your order electronically and avoid sales tax.

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Bottle Shots for the Wine Industry

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